James Morton Appointed New CEO of GTMR Inc.

James Morton, CEO, GTMR, Inc.

James Morton, CEO, GTMR, Inc.

Hollywood, MD, 15 October 2017 – Global Technology and Management Resources Inc. (GTMR) is excited to announce the appointment of James (Jim) Morton as the new CEO, effective 10/15/2017.  Former CEO, Bill Battaglia, has retired.

After retiring from the US Navy in 2009, Jim joined GTMR as a Systems Engineer.  He relocated his family from Maine to make Southern Maryland and GTMR their home.  Capitalizing on his leadership skills and experience as a Senior Chief in the Navy, Jim quickly worked his way up through various positions at GTMR – Systems Engineer, Program Manager, Director of Operations, Vice President.  Promoted to President at GTMR in 2012, he has been responsible for the strategic management and overall growth of the $13M organization.  In addition to his specialized Navy training and experience, Jim also holds an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University.      

Outgoing CEO Bill Battaglia states “On June 4, 2004, I had the great honor and privilege of starting GTMR with my two partners – John Piri and Doug Jones.  GTMR started off as a veteran-owned company and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  Jim Morton will replace me as CEO.  Jim has served as President of GTMR for the past four years and has done an exceptional job.  I have great confidence that Jim will continue to successfully lead GTMR into the future.”

Jim describes what is unique about the organization – “Universal progress does not spring from individuals.  It takes genuine commitment and sincere dedication from a united crew to do amazing things.  Here at GTMR we are passionate about supporting each other, our clients, and our country.  Providing innovative solutions to complicated challenges requires laser focus on the details and devotion to the project, mixed with a healthy dose of laughter and fun.  Heavy on the laughter and fun.  GTMR’s success can be directly linked to our inventive, dedicated and highly talented staff.  GTMR employs the most highly regarded team in the defense industry and value people as their most important resource.”  

Jim projects that “GTMR will continue to provide our clients with original, innovative solutions from the most highly technical and talented pool of engineers and technicians.  We will continue to grow at the same steady, manageable model that has been the foundation to the success of the organization.”  

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