Logistics Support

GTMR’s Logistics Support branch provides incomparable lifecycle logistics management and services to our customers by procuring, maintaining and transporting client assets worldwide to any location on time, any time.

The GTMR logistics team has provided inventory and material management support to many customers since 2004. Our services and support ensure that material is available when and where it is needed — and that your maintenance infrastructure meets all mission objectives.

A Complete Solution

Today, GTMR focuses on the lifecycle logistics management requirements for 3 Department of Defense (DoD) programs.

Our Central Distribution Warehouse facilities are temperature controlled with a State-of-the-Art Asset Management System.

Our services help increase readiness across your entire operation or enterprise, through improved accountability, total asset visibility, and optimized efficiencies and effectiveness.

Customer Service

Customer service both internal and external drives our planning, decision making processes and use of resources. We take the time to research your service needs and develop a design to give you control over costs and performance. Once you select services that fits your needs, we work closely with you to guarantee a successful implementation and transition. Our customer-driven approach allows you to customize the services you need from one single source.

Material Management Capabilities

  • Total Asset Visibility
  • Material Directive Review and Preparation
  • Government Property Administration
  • Repairable Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting and Documentation
  • Inspection, Packaging and Handling
  • Storage and Transportation

GTMR has the skills, resources, knowledge and technology to ensure success now and in the future.