Engineering Services

GTMR’s Engineering Services branch strives to be the preferred partner in helping our clients succeed in Engineering and Technology Management through innovation and enhancement of complex systems and Engineering Services.

Our team, comprised of seasoned RF and Design Engineers, is committed to developing innovative solutions across a wide spectrum of client requirements. GTMR Engineering is proud to announce 11 Engineering Patents covering multiple Engineering Disciplines.

Systems Architecture and Design Engineering

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The Engineering Team provides complete system design, fabrication and qualification to include specialized integration of SIGINT equipment on both stationary, ground mobile and aviation applications. In addition, GTMR provides Software Engineering to embedded systems, data acquisition, data fusion, geospatial correlation, and specializes in customized Graphic User Interfaces.

Specific Capabilities

Software Engineering:

  • ASP
  • DLLs A
  • Assembly Language
  • C / C++
  • XML
  • PHP
  • HTML

Mechanical Engineering and Computer Aided Drafting:

  • Other Standards
  • ASME Y14.4

Shock and Vibration Isolation Standards Design/Test to:

  • MIL-E-5400
  • MIL-STD-167
  • MIL-S-810G
  • MIL-A-8600

Research and Development

GTMR Research and Development includes Project ODIN and the MIMIR system. These systems replicate and monitor multiple threat RADAR signals simultaneously utilizing advanced electronic hardware and signal synthesis techniques.

Threat RADAR signal generation is based on signal parameter analysis, military operator experience, and RADAR characteristic databases. RADAR signal playback is based on previously recorded signal parameters.

The systems utilize high-gain antennas to direct the simulated hostile threat RADAR signals toward test aircraft at from the GTMR Antenna Test Range or from locations aboard ship or on military test ranges. We utilize passive aircraft tracking technology and/or available range tracking data to determine test aircraft location. A Range Situational Awareness Display can also be generated using these merged data.

Material supplied for Post Test analysis includes a time-tagged record of all actions radiated signals, aircraft position, and antenna pointing angles. A separate receiver (MIMIR) records and characterizes over-the-air signals.

Our success is defined by our ability to meet our customers’ needs.