Legacy Data & Conversion


Converting legacy technical data to the advanced S1000D specification is complex, however, the GTMR team can handle it. The S1000D Data Modules (DMs) are utilized in an IETM viewer for technicians and operators to use.  There are many different viewers within the DoD and DHS and throughout past years this has been generally developed and managed through large OEMs with proprietary systems. 

Maintaining the specific system configuration management within the database provides cost effective changes to the technical data products for our customers. One main concern in today’s DoD and DHS enterprises is the continued support of legacy systems and the need to effectively update Illustrated Parts Breakdown data because OEMs are no longer manufacturing obsolete parts. We understand the customers goals of reducing whole life cycle costs and raising the Return on Investment (ROI) by utilizing the S1000D model as the core technical manual solution.