GTMR has 80+ employees at various locations across the country, successfully employing a “Federated Model” based on employing the most highly talented individuals regardless of their physical location.

Our Leadership

Jim Morton (CEO/President, U.S. Navy Veteran)

Doug Jones (Founder/Corporate Secretary, U.S. Navy Veteran)

John Piri (Founder/Corporate Treasurer, U.S. Air Force Veteran)

The truly difficult we’ve already done; the impossible might take a day or two...
— Doug Jones, Founder, GTMR.

Our Success

At GTMR, success is defined by our ability to meet our customers' needs. That's why every part of our business is focused on quick and agile response, innovative thinking and a relentless commitment to getting the job done. "Veteran Owned" equates to the maturity, wide ranging experience and established professional reputations of our staff.

GTMR incorporated in 2004 as a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) in the Aerospace Systems and National Security Industries. GTMR is also an innovative provider of a select range of Communication and Electronic Systems and Services used on military and commercial platforms.

Our select staff of professionals service our customers at 16 locations nationwide. Our Corporate Headquarters is located in Hollywood, Maryland and close proximity to the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), NAS Patuxent, MD and the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NWSC), NS Dahlgren, VA.

Our Mission

To provide a cadre of mature and highly experienced individuals in the fields of management, technology and logistics.

Our Commitments

GTMR, Inc. depends not only on the skills, abilities and commitments of all employees, but also on their integrity and collective common sense. The five key relationships in which employees participate involve customers, suppliers, fellow employees, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate. The following commitments serve as the basis for shaping these relationships:

  • We will strive to increase customer satisfaction by providing customers with quality products and services that are innovative and responsive to their requirements.

  • We will treat our suppliers fairly, honestly, and objectively.

  • We will treat fellow employees in a fair and even-handed manner and foster a culture rich in diversity that is based on trust, mutual respect, teamwork, and integrity.

  • We will aggressively pursue growth and profitability objectives, while always keeping ethical standards in the forefront of our activities.

  • In the communities of which we are members, we will act ethically and as responsible and responsive corporate citizens in compliance with the law.