GTMR delivers second platform specific IETM to the U.S. Coast Guard

GTMR, Inc. is proud to announce the early delivery of their second platform specific IETM to the U.S. Coast Guard. The team, led by Mike Morthland, consisted of Mark Van Deusen, Jeff Hobrath, Bethany Floyd, Katie McPartland, Megan Skotnicki, Randy Mathis, Keith McDaniel, and Pete Bruno, created and developed over 300 S1000D issue 4.1



Data Modules and more than 450 graphics for this project. To meet the established delivery timeline and project milestones, the team adhered to GTMR’s proven internal QMS processes with concentrated collaboration and coordination in producing this Class IV IETM.

The IETM included researching over 1175 electrical and mechanical drawings, numerous OEM Interface Control Documents, over 50 publications, limitless aircraft configuration photographs, and countless hours of collaboration with U.S. Coast Guard Engineering and Logistics personnel. Keep up the great work team!