GTMR, Inc. Receives High Marks for Security!

GTMR recently completed a mandatory Security Vulnerability Inspection from the U.S. Department of Defense Security Service and received above average credentials!

Tammy Janiszewski

Tammy Janiszewski

The audit was led by GTMR’s awesome Security Manager, Tammy Janiszewski.    In true GTMR fashion, Tammy contributed much more than just the required minimum qualifications to the audit.   Under Tammy’s leadership, GTMR’s security program received additional enhancement credits for security staff professionalism, security education training , and threat management.

Tammy joined GTMR in April of this year, and has vigorously worked to improve ALL aspects of the organization’s security program while still maintaining her friendly and fun demeanor. She consistently identifies and scrutinizes potential gaps, enhances the existing program, and expands the level of professionalism to GTMR’s security program.  Job MORE than well done Tammy Janiszewski!

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