The SYN-GEN was designed against a requirement for a low-cost radar signal generator for threat simulation systems.

These simulators, designed under the classical approach, employ laboratory grade signal generators costing $180,000-$350,000 depending on capabilities required. In virtually all cases, the range of capabilities of the laboratory grade signal generators far exceed those required for a radar simulator—capabilities purchased at significant expense, then largely unused.

The SYN-GEN is GTMR’s answer to the statement:

If you want to simulate a radar, build a radar—or at least a radar transmitter front-end (exciter).

The SYN-GEN operates from 10MHZ-20GHz with 0.001Hz resolution and is capable of an infinite combination of clocking schemes giving it an ability to generate more than 95% of the known emitters, and all modes including scans and antenna beam patterns, across all the existing threat signal libraries. Further, it is capable of generating signals entered in pulse descriptor files synthetically and, using the GTMR “ODIN” system, of translating previously generated signal files used with other signal simulators and replaying actual signal “recordings”.

The SYN-GEN is built in two variations: “pristine” and “dirty”.

  • The “pristine” system provides a completely clean signal for use in developmental testing where interferers, in-band noise and cochannel interference is counter productive in that environment.
  • The “dirty” system provides these additional characteristics, making the presentation more representative of a “real-world” signal environment in operational test and training environments.

Both systems are being produced in one and two channel versions, and we are rapidly completing the design and EDM version of a four channel version.