GTMR is one of INC. Magazine’s Best Workplaces 2019

WE DID IT AGAIN! GTMR is one of INC. Magazine’s Best Workplaces 2019

GTMR, Inc. has once AGAIN been named one of Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2019! With over 2,000 applicants clamoring for recognition in the publication’s 4th annual contest, GTMR was one of only 346 organizations nationwide to be honored. The winners circle showcases a wide-ranging and comprehensive measurement of private American companies that have created exceptional workplaces through vibrant cultures, deep employee engagement, and stellar benefits.

Jim Morton, CEO at GTMR, Inc., describes what is unique about the organization and the people – “Universal progress does not spring from individuals. It takes genuine commitment and sincere dedication from a united crew to do amazing things. Here at GTMR we are passionate about supporting each other, our clients, and our country. Providing innovative solutions to complicated challenges requires laser focus on the details and devotion to the project, mixed with a healthy dose of laughter and fun. Heavy on the laughter and fun. Only the best and brightest earn and keep a spot on the GTMR team.”

Competing organizations in the 2019 Inc. magazine Best Workplaces campaign had to show positive, statistically significant response rates from employees. GTMR was categorized as a “medium-size” organization. Inc. does not report on where each of the 346 award winners placed, but does report:

  • Only 76 medium size organizations awarded nationwide

  • GTMR scored an amazing 92.24 engagement score with 65 out of 78 eligible employees participating in the survey.

  • 89% of GTMR survey participants were “highly engaged”. GTMR is diligent about fostering a culture that works for all employees with pretty even numbers in each generation category

  • GTMR was 1 of only 2 Engineering organization in MD to win this coveted award, and 1 of only 3 Engineering organization nationwide to be awarded.

Each nominated company took part in an employee survey on topics including trust, management, effectiveness, perks, and confidence in the future. Inc. ranked all the employers using a composite score of survey results. The strongest engagement scores came from companies that prioritize the most human elements of work – companies leading the way in employee recognition, performance management, and diversity. Inc. magazine editor in chief James Ledbetter says “With today’s tight labor market, building a great corporate culture is more important than ever. The companies on Inc.’s Best Workplaces list are setting an example that the whole country can learn from.”

Headquartered in Hollywood, MD, GTMR continues to grow in a steady, managed pace. The company’s technical and programmatic cadre averages more than 30 years’ experience in their respective fields with 86% holding advanced education degrees. Annual revenue was approx. $12 million in 2018. Primary fields of expertise are in Engineering and IT, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM development), and Logistics. GTMR’s experience includes the generation of comprehensive and detailed specifications and requirements for major and minor subsystems as well as quick reaction capabilities. The company has direct participation and oversight in the development, testing, and implementation of these systems onto targeted platforms, whether it be an aircraft, ship or vehicle.

Here's a few comments from our team about why they like working at GTMR:

''I have never had a day where I wake up and dread going to work, unlike other jobs I have had. When I started here, everyone told me that I'd love working here and that employees are treated like family; well, it's true! If anyone has a crisis and needs help, everyone pitches in to help.''

''It's a great place to work. The people are very professional and the management is very caring.''

"We are a family."

"The organization is a tight knit family comprised of highly motivated personnel. Further, the organization is extremely customer driven and strives to provide the customer with the best product or service without a question."

"Before starting with GTMR, I was employed in another industry. With my previous employer, I felt like a number. First day at GTMR, I felt valued as a person and as an employee and still do. All employees respect everyone, greet each other kindly, & we joke around also. The employees are dedicated to turn over a great product to our contractors."

"It has been the best job I have ever held. I am treated as an adult and a professional. Not many organizations do that."

''Great place to work along with benefits for starters. Plus with bonuses for hiring new employees, I will go out of my way to find great people to join our team.''

''GTMR is an amazing company to work for because they truly care for their employees happiness and success. The atmosphere for learning is fantastic due to all the knowledge within this company and everyone's willingness to teach. Honestly, I have learned something new everyday since my first day on the job. This company is different from any other company I have worked for and I am so grateful to be part of the family. I will always recommend GTMR to others.''

"The people and the friendship within the company has no match. You are par of a family that looks out for your best interests."

"They have been really great to me, and seem to treat everyone in a fair manner. Through many opportunities and consistently shown that people care and want the best for everyone else."

"It's a great group of people who truly care about each other and about doing well in their jobs."

"This place is like a family."

''I refer to GTMR and it's employees as family! It's a great environment for all stages of experience. It doesn't matter if your single or married, if this is your first job out of college, or you've been working 30 plus years. The success of GTMR is aligned with it's culture of inclusion because it respects and accepts our similarities and differences. The "grass is greener" at GTMR!''

"Going to work is enjoyable."

"Great people and I was the first hire back 13+ years ago and am proud of working with GTMR. Management treats everyone fairly and cares for their personal and professional lives. Wouldn't want to work anywhere else. Livin Large."

''GTMR offers a working environment that is fun and relaxing which in turn helps us to be more productive.''

"Wanted to work for this company for many years. Finally got the opportunity and have enjoyed it!"

''We provide a service to our customer that some companies don't. This gives me leverage in recruiting others for positions."

"This is a good company to work for and the pay is really nice as well."

'The organization is very trusting in allowing its employees to think outside the box while working independently with clients to provide solutions. This company is for experienced individuals who are prepared to lead by example."

"Because this company is run by professionals that acknowledge that it's the employees that makes a company successful not anything they build, sell or services they provide."

"This is one of the best aviation technical companies that I have ever worked for! The benefits and salaries are really good."

''This is a very friendly, and hard working group of co-workers. Anyone coming on board will see how we all work together and how we interact with each other. This is an excellent working environment."

"I have recommended the company to various friends and colleagues."

''I love working at GTMR! My co-workers are passionate about producing quality work and care about me as a person. Executive management treats everyone with respect and my opinions/suggestions are always considered and valued. We have a LOT of fun here at GTMR and get together often as a team to enjoy potluck lunches, games, jokes, etc. We don't consider these things as teambuilding, we view it as part of the culture and normal conditions.''

''I feel valued and important. Amazing team that feels like family. Allows technical freedom in research and development.''

"This place is like a family."

"Great place to work!"

Comments about Leadership at GTMR:

"Company values my work and myself."

"Many different organizational gatherings and open communication with all employees from top to bottom of organization."

'Giving them the autonomy and freedom to do their jobs and adhering to the adage "trust but verify." In addition, by bring colleagues and co-workers into the fold to discuss the project/program and seeking their input, it displays to them that their opinion and view points are valued. It doesn't mean that their ideas will always be adopted but they have had the opportunity to be heard. I think also having an open door policy helps when the colleagues know they can come in at any time to ask a question or offer an opinion."

''The leaders in the company all get to know their employees and build a strong bond with the employee that is more like family than a standard work environment.''

"Lots of communication and clarification."

"I am a visual learner so the on job training plays a huge role in my development and growth. Also, being able to ask questions and getting genuine replies."

''Working with more experienced people within the organization helps me to grow professionally in my knowledge."

"Expanding on my expertise by getting me out of my comfort zone."

"I have been giving the opportunities to build my skills and show what I can accomplish."

"On the job training with top-notch mentors - my co-workers."

"Continued challenging projects."

"Educational opportunity and advisement to improve work quality and increase efficient development."

General comments:

"Great company. Never want to leave."

''GTMR is an absolutely incredible place to work and most employees do not look to leave any time soon. Further, as the company continues to grow, it still retains a positive attitude and family spirit."

"Enjoy the non cube farm typical office space to feel like we have more personal space."

'This company only hires the absolute best people, so you know for a fact that everyone in the company has the same self motivation and drive to do the job right every time. It’s a privilege to work for GTMR INC."

"This is a great company to work that values and takes care of it's employees."

''Great place to work the group is like family, if you have questions any person you ask is more than happy to give you the right answer and make sure you understand."

"Looking forward to working here for years to come."