GTMR is one of INC. Magazine’s Best Workplaces 2017

GTMR, Inc. has been named one of Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2017, the publication’s second annual ranking in the fast-growing private company sector. Out of nearly 2,000 applicants, Inc. awarded just over 200 winning companies.

Inc.’s Best Workplaces list is a magnifying glass on how innovative companies can truly raise the bar in hiring and retaining the best talent.

''When I started here, I was told
‘You are going to LOVE working here’
and it really has been true''

“By introducing an employee survey into this year’s Best Workplaces selection process, we’ve
really raised the bar. Companies that don’t score at the very top of their peer group don’t make
the cut. So, our hats are off to the winners. They all excelled at engaging their workers, making
them feel appreciated, and aligning them behind a mission. And remember, that’s not just our
opinion: The employees told us that themselves.” says Eric Schurenberg, Inc.’s President and
Editor In Chief.

What does it take to become a company that workers want to be part of? Inc. magazine says it’s
more than good pay and good perks – it’s also about having a clear purpose, a sense of humor,
and leadership that makes the two work together.

''I feel valued''

Jim Morton, President at GTMR, Inc., describes what is unique about the organization - “Universal progress does not spring from individuals. It takes genuine commitment and sincere dedication from a united crew to do amazing things. Here at GTMR we are passionate about supporting each other, our clients, and our country. Providing innovative solutions to complicated challenges requires laser focus on the details and devotion to the project, mixed with a healthy dose of laughter and fun. Heavy on the laughter and fun. Only the best and brightest earn a spot on the GTMR team.”

''All accomplishments are celebrated
organization-wide and failures are viewed as
opportunities for improvement''

The 2017 Inc. Best Workplaces award assessed organizations based on employee engagement,
people practices, and employee responses to a unique 30-questions survey that measured career
development, communication, trust in leadership, team dynamics, and individual needs.

Competing organizations had to have positive, statistically significant response rates from
employees. GTMR was categorized as a “medium-size” organization and scored an amazing
92.99% overall. 52 out of 64 eligible employees completed the survey. GTMR was 1 of only 5
winning Engineering organizations nationally and 1 of only 7 winning organizations in Maryland.

''I am given the flexibility to make my
own decisions and often encouraged
to give my opinion''

The survey indicated that GTMR employees were willing to go above and beyond in their work,
advocate for the organization, and intend to stay far into the future.

''GTMR upholds a high level of ethical standards
that promotes future business while balancing
personal goals and situations for all employees''

While researching the entries, Inc. and Quantum saw distinct themes develop:
• Strong company cultures breed stunning individual and team performance.
• Workers at the best companies don’t view their employers as sugar daddies. They aren’t
mesmerized by whatever giveaways seem to be the latest fad—be it gourmet lunches or
beer fridges.
• When employees feel valued by their organization, they are far more likely to be engaged.
This single factor proved to be one of the largest drivers of employee engagement.

''The senior leaders of GTMR
value people as their
most important resource''

GTMR’s primary fields of expertise are in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) systems development,
Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM development), and Logistics. GTMR’s experience includes the generation of comprehensive and detailed specifications and requirements for major and minor subsystems as well as quick reaction capabilities. The company has direct participation and oversight in the development, testing, and implementation of these systems onto targeted platforms, whether it be an aircraft, ship or vehicle.

''The overall atmosphere within the company
is one of trust and commitment''

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