Global Technology and Management Resources, Inc.


We're a customer focused engineering services company providing design engineering, prototype manufacturing, testing of cutting-edge tactical systems, development of superior interactive electronic technical manuals and so much more...



"GTMR was effective in providing support to a host of RF systems and supported critical off-site installations. All project leads were very satisfied with the support provided. (GTMR) worked diligently to accomplish every task; working closely with Government and contractors as appropriate to get the task completed. The weekly meetings between (GTMR) PM, COR, and TPOCS has proven very useful in discussing any issues, current status, and kept any issues to a minimum. Overall the performance has been extremely effective and GTMR is a key member of the Government team." - Government Customer

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If you know anyone on our team then you know GTMR's a great place to work. We're currently looking for exceptional professionals to join our growing team.

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